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Winter Forecast: School’s Out?

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snowimage1 - Copy snowimage2snowimage3snowimage5New York City has an understandable aversion to closing its public schools. The city’s former mayor, Michael Bloomberg, was said to fiercely grapple with the “Big D”—the decision to give the green light to close schools for an impending super storm. The many related hassles that closings cause New Yorkers–parents, employees, employers and teachers–often seem as large a problem as the students’ lost classroom time. City weather this December presented one of the first such D-days for new mayor, Bill DeBlasio. As the latest winter storm approached, so did the familiar question: should he close the schools or manage without doing so? His honor’s decision? The safety of the city’s kids trumps all, and so the schools were closed. Most New Yorkers, including students, made the best of this decision. The pics here boast the sights and scenes that make New York a special town whatever the forecast.

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