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CUNY BMI Transition

Vice Chancellor Sanchez and Executive Director Douglass agreed that, on Monday, August 25, 2014, Jermaine Wright would become the Interim CUNY BMI University Director. After nearly six (6) years of exemplary work as the CUNY BMI Associate Director, Jermaine has a complete understanding of every aspect of the CUNY BMI program. He will continue to be an outstanding leader and central administrator for the CUNY BMI program and for the University. Further, as a recent winner of The College Board Professional Fellowship, Jermaine is positioned to focus national attention on the CUNY BMI program and the work that supports the deserving BMI students.

Additionally, Shawn Best, Coordinator of Brothers for Excellence/Hunter College BMI, the CUNY BMI funded project at Hunter College/CUNY, has agreed to join the CUNY BMI central administration as the Interim CUNY BMI Associate Director. Beyond his outstanding work with Hunter College BMI, throughout his career, Shawn has demonstrated a deep commitment to promoting educational and social equity for students from underrepresented populations and underserved areas

Lastly, Alan Newton will continue as the CUNY BMI Research Associate (part-time).

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