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3rd Annual CUNY Student Veterans Academic Awards

USS Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum

Residence Life and NUFP Highlights

Winter Residence Life Training occurred in January to educate residence life student and staff on various topics that will allow them to do their jobs well in the residence hall. Topics included a True Colors personality assessment workshop, diversity workshop and how to assist students coping with addiction. Here is a staff picture from the training:

In March, members of the Residence Life staff participated in a Day of Service tutoring middle school students in math. Here is a picture from the day of service


Lastly, at NASPA 2015 in New Orleans, NUFPs (NASPA Undergraduate Fellows) from CUNY attended the NASPA Undergraduate Conference and the NASPA Conference. Pictured here are NUFPs during the undergraduate conference and also a picture with Vice Chancellor Sanchez during the conference.








Ninth Annual CUNY BMI Conference

On Friday, October 3, 2014, from 8:30am to 6pm, the Ninth Annual CUNY BMI Conference entitled, Diversity Business, and Entrepreneurship, was held at Baruch College/CUNY. The conference featured a morning keynote lecture by Terrie Williams, Principal/Founder, The Terrie Williams Agency and Author, Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We’re Not Hurting. And an afternoon keynote lecture by Joshua DuBios, Principal/Founder, Values Partnerships, Former Director, White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships and Author, The President’s Devotional.

The Ninth Annual CUNY BMI Conference also included morning and afternoon panel discussions. The general theme for the morning panel discussions were focused on the history and ongoing quest for racial, ethnic and gender diversity in business and entrepreneurship throughout the nation. The morning sessions created a foundation for the afternoon panel discussions by providing a general historical background of the nation’s diverse history of entrepreneurship with a focus on the challenges and triumphs of African Americans building businesses and institutions under segregation. Further, through several panel discussions, we examined the entrepreneurial spirit of diverse peoples, especially in New York City, that has revitalized the nation’s urban centers with each successive generation. The afternoon panel discussions, explored contemporary issues related to business and entrepreneurship such as ongoing efforts to diversify corporate America; entrepreneurship, urban development and/or other job creation strategies; and the unfortunate declines in the number of African American students, particularly males, enrolling in the nation’s professional schools. Approximately 1300 people registered for the conference and about 1000 people attended, making this the highest attended CUNY BMI conference to date. The message of diversity, business, and entrepreneurship resonated with the conference participants through the keynote lectures and was amplified during the panel discussions.

Stony Brook RA Conference Event









On Saturday, October 25, 2014, the Central Office of Student Affairs sponsored 21 CUNY Student Housing and Residence Life staff members to attend the Stony Brook RA Conference at Stony Brook University. The staff that attended had a wonderful time meeting residence life staff from 19 different institutions and connecting with over 500 peers in attendance. CUNY Residence Life staff participated in educational sessions throughout the day and learned so much that will help them grow and develop in their residence life role at CUNY. For more information about the conference please visit,

First Annual DREAMers Conference Held in John Jay College

MLA Students and CUNY DREAMers at the 1st Annual CUNY DREAMers Conference
The Malave Leadership Academy sponsored the First Annual DREAMers Conference on Friday, September 26th in John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Students and student leaders from all 24 campuses attended the all- day event.
The theme of the Conference was “Today’s Vision, Tomorrow’s Reality.” The purpose of the Conference was to educate and inform students about the DREAM Act, and disperse resources for students who are undocumented. The conference also brought together students who wished to start their own DREAMers club on their campuses.  Read more >>

CUNY BMI Transition

Vice Chancellor Sanchez and Executive Director Douglass agreed that, on Monday, August 25, 2014, Jermaine Wright would become the Interim CUNY BMI University Director. After nearly six (6) years of exemplary work as the CUNY BMI Associate Director, Jermaine has a complete understanding of every aspect of the CUNY BMI program. He will continue to be an outstanding leader and central administrator for the CUNY BMI program and for the University. Further, as a recent winner of The College Board Professional Fellowship, Jermaine is positioned to focus national attention on the CUNY BMI program and the work that supports the deserving BMI students.

Additionally, Shawn Best, Coordinator of Brothers for Excellence/Hunter College BMI, the CUNY BMI funded project at Hunter College/CUNY, has agreed to join the CUNY BMI central administration as the Interim CUNY BMI Associate Director. Beyond his outstanding work with Hunter College BMI, throughout his career, Shawn has demonstrated a deep commitment to promoting educational and social equity for students from underrepresented populations and underserved areas

Lastly, Alan Newton will continue as the CUNY BMI Research Associate (part-time).

Elliott Dawes, University Director of BMI, leaves for advanced law degree


After approximately 8 years of dedicated service to underrepresented students, particularly Black and Latino males, at the City University of New York (CUNY), Elliott Dawes, the Founding University Director of the CUNY Black Male Initiative (BMI), has resigned. It goes without saying that he has been a great leader and inspiration to all who he has come across because of his passion and commitment for the work that we do.

Elliott has laid a strong foundation for the initiative. He was just what CUNY BMI needed in its formative years to ensure its future success. While we are all excited about the new journey he is embarking on as an LL.M. student at Columbia Law School, he will truly be missed.