News Blog of the CUNY Central Office of Student Affairs

For Staff

From the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

“Ensuring the CUNY Promise: A 2013-2016 Strategic Action Plan”  >>


New Website: Resources for Combatting Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault, Title IX >>

Student Policies and Procedures >>

Emergency Shelter and Services >>

Professional Development Applications

Professional Development Grants Application >>

Professional Staff Congress HEO Grant >>

Policy Update

From the Office of the General Counsel
Change to rules regarding residency tuition for students dependent on out of state parents >>

Position Openings

Baruch College is currently recruiting to fill a Residence Director position. Please share the job description attached at the link with those within your campus network. Position Description. >>

Single Stop USA Program

(for CUNY Community Colleges)

The Single Stop program offers a number of free services plus resources and information to eligible community college students. Check out its success in helping CUNY’s community college students gain financial help and more. >>

The New York Times Academic Pass Digital Subscription

The CUNY Office of Library Services now provides the Academic Pass to all CUNY students, faculty and staff. The Academic Pass gives anybody with a mail domain a year-long subscription to the New York Times Digital (with future renewals planned). The subscription does not include the tablet app, but it does include apps for mobile phones. Go to >>


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